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BSc English

A bachelor’s degree in English at Portland State University will prepare you to tackle critical and complex issues, deepen your understanding of diverse cultural issues, and improve your ability to analyze and produce complicated texts.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 4 years
Starting in: January, April, September
Tuition Fee: $29,706 per year
Location: Portland Campus (Portland, United States)

We prepare our students for careers in writing and teaching, as well as professions requiring high levels of literacy and critical thought, including law and business.

Portland is a hub for writers and creatives, professionals flock to the city and have created a flourishing culture and cultivated a thriving local creative industries. Portland State University contributes to this community by creating an environment for aspiring writers and creatives to grow and develop.


Students who major in bachelor’s degree in English at Portland State University go on to careers in many different fields, from politics to book-editing. Writing skills are valuable in every industry, we prepare our students to be adaptable and thoughtful communicators.

Graduates of Portland State’s English program have gone on to careers in law enforcement, politics, public affairs, writing, advertising, communications, book publishing, journalism, education and even science and technology.Many of our graduates have pursued graduate degrees in law, creative writing, journalism, business, book publishing, public affairs and even medicine.

The writing and analytical skills of the English major have long made it a popular major to take before law school—two current Oregon Supreme Court justices were English majors. English is finding increasing interest in medical school admissions, as communication skills are increasingly valued in healthcare and health administration.


Courses Included

  • Topics in Shakespearean Genre: Tragedy
  • History of Cinema and Narrative Media
  • Digital Literacy Studies
  • Comics Theory
  • Writing Comics
  • Document Design
  • Screenwriting