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BA Mathematics

The mathematical sciences have long provided the necessary languages of the physical sciences, but are now also recognized as important components of study for students in computer science, social sciences, business administration, education, and the biological sciences. The Mathematics program is offered at Portland State University.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 4 years
Starting in: January, April, September
Tuition Fee: $29,706 per year
Location: Portland Campus (Portland, United States)

Mathematics and statistics are also disciplines in themselves and may be studied purely for the excitement and discovery it brings to those who study it. To meet these needs the department offers an array of courses in pure and applied mathematics and statistics.

Math majors may find employment in a variety of fields depending on their skills and experience. Places of employment for math majors include: government agencies, businesses (banking, finance, insurance, market research, etc.), and educational institutions.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Portland State University provides free tutors for lower division algebra, calculus and statistics. We also provide a computer lab with mathematical and statistical software in support of math/stat courses.

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Your Potential To Be Exponential

At Portland State University , you feel like you’re part of a movement. The kind that keeps your classmates rooting for you and your professors pulling for you. You’ll form bonds with faculty and friends in small classes that dive deep into the issues that matter most to you. We are proud to be one of the nation’s most transformative universities. Because every time your success inspires others, you change the world.


Courses Included

  • Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Differential Equations
  • Introduction to Mathematical Analysis
  • Modern College Geometry
  • Ring and Field Theory