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PhD Social Work and Social Research

The Ph.D Program in Social Work and Social Research at Portland State University employs an interdisciplinary, innovative curriculum that prepares graduates to contribute to scholarly knowledge, conduct ethical, rigorous and community-engaged research, teach in various settings with special attention to equity and justice, and provide leadership in social and human services.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: TBA
Starting in: September
Tuition Fee: $748 per credit
Location: Portland Campus (Portland, United States)

Our Social Work and Social Research program at Portland State University has more than forty faculty members with an array of research interests who work with students in and out of class. You will be partnered with a faculty advisor from the time you enter the program until graduation. We will work with you to find opportunities for research and financial assistance to help you complete your degree and achieve your goals.

What can you do?

Since our first cohort was admitted in 1992, more than 50% of our doctoral graduates have gone on to tenure-track academic positions at universities across the nation, approximately 20% are in principal investigators positions at major research projects, and 30% have leadership roles in diverse communities and social service agencies.


Courses Included

  • Substantive Are Conceptualization
  • Substantive Area Investigation
  • Teaching and Learning in Health Promotion and Social Work
  • Philosophy of Science for Social Sciences