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Master in Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering, at Portland State University offers an accessible distance-learning masters program for engineers and applied scientists who practice design, product development, or process engineering.

Quick Facts

Part-time Duration: 1 year
Starting in: January, April, September
Tuition Fee: $736 per credit
Location: Online

New to Systems Engineering?

  • Systems Engineering (SYSE) is the practice of creating the means of performing useful functions through the combination of two or more interacting elements.
  • Systems Engineering is very broad and can be applied to a wide range of areas.
  • From very general — critical and systems thinking applied to high-level decisions that involve human and natural systems and system of systems.
  • To specific technical areas in the development of products, processes, and services that involve hardware-software and consumer systems.

What can Portland State University Systems Engineering Program offer me?

  • An anywhere, anytime, distance-learning environment: All required SYSE courses and elective courses are online. Despite the online nature of the program, students do not lose out on the valuable peer and professor interaction that graduate classes provide.
  • The opportunity to study under leading experts in the field: Instructors are recognized around the world and have many years experience at teaching online courses.
  • The ability to develop your educational plan to fit your interests and goals: Our program is available to practicing professionals who wish a masters degree in Systems Engineering, applied to their areas of interest.

Courses Included

  • Systems Engineering Management
  • Reducing Risk in Decision Making
  • Hardware Software Integration
  • Logistics Engineering
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Reading and Conference
  • Special Topics