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MA Physics

The M.A. and M.S. Physics programs at Portland State University are designed to further the development of the student as a professional physicist.The Physics Department Seminar Series is an exciting lecture event featuring guest speakers and experts from around the country!

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 1 year
Starting in: September
Tuition Fee: $708 per credit
Location: Portland Campus (Portland, United States)

Specific Physics programs at Portland State University designed to meet the needs of the individual student are planned in consultation with the graduate advisors. In addition to the general university regulations governing master’s degree programs, the Department of Physics has requirements designed to assure both the faculty and the student that s/he possesses the ability and experience expected of a master’s candidate by the scientific community.

It is expected that a student with a baccalaureate degree in physics will be able to complete the degree in two years. This assumes that s/he is a full-time student and holds a graduate teaching assistantship during the entire two years.The graduate student should be aware that continuation as a teaching assistant at any point in the program is not guaranteed. Such assistantship can be continued for up to a maximum of two years, based on the student’s demonstrated progress in the program, among other factors.

Completion of Program

The awarding of a degree during a specific term involves the following steps, which must be met by certain deadlines.

  • Apply for graduation by the term deadline
  • For master’s students completing a thesis, the following is required:
  • Submission of the completed thesis to the DC at least two weeks prior to the defense
  • Passing the thesis defense by the term deadline
  • Completing all thesis revisions to the satisfaction of the DC prior to the term deadline
  • Ensuring that you have met all M.S. degree requirements
  • Completing the ETD formatting and submission process

For master’s students completing PH 504 Cooperative Ed./Internship or PH 506 Special Projects, the following is required:

  • Passing the presentation defense prior to the end of the term
  • Ensuring that you have met all M.S. degree requirements

Courses Included

  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Electrodynamics
  • Classical Mechanics
  • Statistical Mechanics