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MA Mathematics

The Master of Arts/Master of Science in Mathematics program at Portland State University is designed for the student who wishes to prepare for community college teaching, industrial work in mathematics, or further advanced work toward a Ph.D. in Mathematics.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 1 year
Starting in: January, April, September
Tuition Fee: $708 per credit
Location: Portland Campus (Portland, United States)

Mathematics majors may find employment in a variety of fields depending on their skills and experience. Places of employment for math majors include: government agencies, businesses (banking, finance, insurance, market research, etc.), and educational institutions.

Our Mission

  • We serve and sustain a vibrant urban region through our creativity, collective knowledge and expertise.
  • We are dedicated to collaborative learning, innovative research, sustainability and community engagement.
  • We educate a diverse community of lifelong learners.
  • Our research and teaching have global impact.

Our Values

  • We promote access, inclusion and equity as pillars of excellence.
  • We commit to curiosity, collaboration, stewardship and sustainability.
  • We strive for excellence and innovation that solves problems.
  • We believe everyone should be treated with integrity and respect.

Our Reputation

Portland State University pursues excellence through: Accessibility; innovation; collaboration; engagement; sustainability; transformation.

Our Position

  • An anchor institution, providing the Portland region with a highly educated population, substantial economic impact, and distinctive contributions to its culture.
  • Contributing unique scholarship and research that support quality of life through problem solving.
  • Delivering on our access mission, contributing to a highly educated and diverse community.

Courses Included

  • Introduction to Real Analysis
  • Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Elementary Differential Geometry & Tensor Analysis
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Topics in Mathematical Modelling
  • Topics in Geometry
  • Set Theory and Topology
  • Introduction to Abstract Algebra
  • Advanced Linear/ Multilinear Algebra
  • Topics in Advanced Number Theory
  • Numerical Calculus