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MA English

Portland State University’s M.A. in English program is designed for students who are prepared to undertake advanced work in the field of work.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 1 year
Starting in: September
Tuition Fee: $708 per credit
Location: Portland Campus (Portland, United States)

The program offered by Portland State University provides a range of courses in literatures in English, including British, American, and Anglophone literature; composition and rhetorical theory; cultural studies; and literary history, theory, and critical methods.

The motives and destinations of the students in the program vary. Some go on to work in humanities-related fields such as public relations and arts administration; others teach in high schools; some teach community college or pursue a PhD. Still others pursue the degree solely for their own interest and enrichment.

The department

The English Department offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses to meet the needs of students with a diversity of interests, and academic and professional backgrounds. By studying literature, rhetoric, composition, and critical theory, students in the Department of English acquire experience in intertextual and cross-disciplinary inquiry represented by many cultures and historical periods. They learn critical approaches to texts and issues that enable them to interpret and compare positions, to read closely, critically, and with empathy, to conduct research, to weigh evidence, and to write with insight and expertise.


Courses Included

  • American Indian Literature
  • Jewish and Israeli Literature
  • African American Literature
  • American Literature and Culture
  • Topics in Literature, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Topics in Literature, Race, and Ethnicity
  • Women’s Literature
  • Caribbean Literature
  • African Fiction